Training Academy

With over 30 years of experience, our team are at the forefront of change. We know that first-class care comes from first-class staff, and first-class staff come from first-class training. That’s where we come in…

We provide fully accredited training to Health and Social Care providers, Care Givers and individuals in our area.

  • Fully Accredited
  • Competitive Fees
  • Certificated Training

We’re revolutionising the social care industry. As a passionate care training provider, we ensure the best training, to help produce the best staff, who raise the game of the care industry, and take well-deserved pride in what carers do!

We’ve helped change the lives of many, and are the only accredited care provider with Community Interest Status, highlighting our commitment to a cause much bigger than us alone. As a not-for-profit, we not only look after others through our market-leading care services but also train other care providers using our best-in-class practices through accredited training courses.


We specialise in three key areas, preparing carers to work in the community. We don’t just stop there, our comprehensive managers and supervisors training ensure safety across the whole team. Parking onsite, an easy location, and friendly staff -we make it easy and enjoyable for you!

2-DAY Manual Handling Passport

Accredited | Up to 5 participants

Manual handling injuries among healthcare staff are some of the most common across the UK. With proper training, some of these injuries and accidents can be prevented. Our Accredited All Wales Training gives hands-on training in our home simulation set-up, ensuring confidence and safety in staff and clients.

13 hrs | £500

1-DAY Emergency First Aid at Work​

Accredited | Up to 5 participants

Emergency First Aid is one of the most valuable training courses available. Get your accredited qualification with us, in our home simulation. We practice CPR, using a defib, the recovery position and discuss steps to take in emergencies. Accredited training that is certificated and covers current guidelines that meet the social care wales. We also offer a first aid course that can be applied in any sector.

6 hrs 30 min | £300

1-DAY Level 3 Risk Assessment

Accredited | Care Supervisors | Up to 5 participants​

This accredited risk management course is deigned for managers/ supervisors. Helping complete and record risk assessments for places of work including clients’ houses.

6 hrs 30 min | £500

1-DAY Training Room & Equipment Hire

Home Simulation | Equipment & facilities included​

Make the most of our home simulation, including a bed, hoist and equipment to help prepare your team to care for others safely, and effectively. Onsite parking, a classroom which holds 6 people, and we are just next door if you need anything.

7 hrs 30 min | £200