Assertive Outreach

Our Assertive Outreach Programme assists those who are or have been through the homeless system, suffering severe mental health problems and drug and alcohol addictions.

The Assertive Outreach Service work closely with people who have severe and complex problems and a tendency to disengage from services. These individuals frequently experience relapses which can result in hospital admissions and homelessness.

Mental health and other services have traditionally been delivered in settings where the individual agrees to specific tasks at a pre-arranged time.

In assertive outreach, the worker goes to see the individual in his or her own environment that they feel most comfortable, whenever or wherever it is most needed and most effective. This will then provide a more flexible approach that promotes the health and wellbeing of the individual.

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1 Call Care clearly managed to gain my client’s trust and make huge progress, which is amazing! I can’t thank them enough for their continued patience and tenacity!
Claire DCardiff Social services
When my mum fell during the night, your carer found her and made all the necessary calls, including for an ambulance. You’re out of hours service got the carer to stay and covered her next visits. When I got there, your carer was helpful, kind, and lovely with my mum. So, a big thank you to your carers and the out-of-hours service.
H Davies
I was very impressed by the positive response given by my client with regards to 1 Call Care. I can clearly see she receives good and compassionate carers and benefits greatly from this.
Chris DVale Of Glamorgan Social Services